Monthly Archives: February 2018

Data from, ‘Web-based Positive Psychology Interventions: A Reexamination of Effectiveness’

My reason for posting today is primarily to spruik the Journal of Open Psychology Data, an open-access journal that publishes papers describing psychology-related data sets that have been made freely available by their creators. The journal, edited since its inception by Jelte Wicherts, began life in 2013 and is published by Ubiquity Press. If you are a research psychologist, I strongly encourage you to make your data freely available and to consider the Journal of Open Psychology Data as the place to describe it.

Today, JoOPD published a paper by Rosalind Woodworth, Benjamin Schüz, Angela O’Brien-Malone, and me, describing some of the data that Rosalind collected for her doctoral thesis. I say, “some of” because the data described in the JoOPD paper relates to Rosalind’s research report “Web-Based Positive Psychology Interventions: A Reexamination of Effectiveness“, published last year in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Our open-access research report, “Happy Days: Positive Psychology interventions effects on affect in an N-of-1 trial“, which also grew out of Rosalind’s doctoral research, is concerned with a different set of data.